Saturday, December 12, 2009

Four Months After Surgery

GREAT BIRTHDAY NEWS! (Or "Searchin' for my lost shaker of salt......")

I went back to the retina specialist on December 7 for another OCT scan. The macular hole is even smaller - now just a "sliver" as the doctor described. The doctor said he was "very happy with the results"! Needless to say, so was I. He wants me to come back in 3 months for another scan to see if there is even more improvement! He had me make an appointment with my opthamologist that referred me to him to see about the cataract that has gotten worse since the surgery. So, I have that appointment on December 17. I will then be adding cataract surgery to my macular hole postings. Hopefully, after that, I can blog about things like "life humor" or "great life lessons".

So, how did I celebrate this great birthday news, you ask? Being "environmentally correct", I decided to GO GREEN and have a green lime margarita! Ole! "Wastin' away again in......."


  1. I can imagine that the green lime margarita tasted fabulous!! That's very positive news from your retina specialist. Congratulations!!

  2. Congratulations on your macular hole becoming just a "sliver". The cataract surgery shouldn't be as annoying as the macular repair was, so good luck with that. Soon your eyesight will be great(hopefully). Happy Belated Birthday!

  3. Thank you for the postings and your expenditure of the efort involved. It could not have been easy at any time. It gives one person's view of what has happened and helps to clarify what I have to look forward to.

  4. Hi Sharon,

    I'm curious, do you still experience any distortion in your vision? My macular hole surgery was successful, at least as far as closing the hole. But I still have so much distortion. It's a little better (maybe 10%) since the operation, but still somewhat of a problem. I had a vitrectomy for a retinal detachment about 2 months before the macular hole vitrectomy, so I know my experience will be different to yours, but I'm still interested in comparing notes.

    By the way, I had my cataract surgery on Feb.1. SOOOO much easier to cope with than the head positioning and gas bubble and all that rigamarole! My visual acuity is so much better in my Evil Eye that I almost wish they could do my healthy eye as well!

    Hope you're doing well and still enjoying life.


  5. Sharon,
    I am about to undergo the same surgery for a "hole". 62 and still working and my wife cannot drive (medical issues). Your blog has been very helpful in finding out the "real story" about the recovery period and what to expect.
    Thank you so very much.