Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 38 After Surgery

Gas Bubble - Ugh!
RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY: That's what we're saying in this part of Texas about now. It has rained for 2 days and we have flash flood warnings. Too much of a good thing! Well, I'm also saying, "Gas bubble, gas bubble go away!" This darn gas bubble in my eye is so annoying and distracting. The doctor said it would go away within 6 weeks, so I figure it should go away this Friday!!!!! Please! I don't know how my sight is going to be in that eye yet. When I close the good eye & try to see with just the Evil Eye, things are blurry and there's a central vision issue when I try to read. I've hated to post anything until I had something really good to say. I go back to the doctor tomorrow, so I guess I'll find out if the macular hole is gone and have the visual acuity checked. At least the good eye is compensating however, because with both eyes I have no complaint - except that @!#$!#% gas bubble and the little black floaters that dance around it. I'll post again tomorrow evening after the doctor does a status examination. Until then, I'll go look for my umbrella and try to coax my little doggie to go outside and do her business with raindrops falling on her head.

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