Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2, 2009

I'm all smiles today!

BETTER NEWS THAN I EXPECTED! The Retina Specialist did an Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scan and the defect under where my macular hole was is reduced in size! Woo hoo! Glory be to the good Lord and the good doctor! I had a little cataract on that eye before the surgery, and he said now it is now more pronounced. He thinks my ophthalmologist might want to remove it soon. (I’ve been told that is no big deal – any knowledge on that procedure out there?) But first, he wants to see me again in 6 more weeks to take another scan to see if the defect has gotten yet smaller or even gone away. After that, he said I could go back to the opthamologist to get my vision acuity checked for new lens for my glasses. He prescribed some expen$ive drops to use twice daily that may further help the healing. God is good!

Let me know if you have any suggestions for designer frames. I want to get frames I LOVE this time! Guess I love to shop for ANYTHING! "Born to shop, forced to work!" That's my mantra....

I go back to the retina specialist on Dec. 7 (the day before my 67th birthday!). I'll get back with ya' then......happy trails to you until we meet again! Stay smiling....I will!


  1. Yay Sharon!

    Glad to hear you've had some good news! God is good, indeed.

    I, too, had fun shopping for new frames this weekend. I didn't find much difference in the price of the frames themselves from store to store, but I now need much more expensive lenses (after 2 vitrectomies, my prescription is hugely different). I was quoted $395CDN at Lenscrafters and $345 at another big chain and was THRILLED when I found a reputable, independent store that only charged me $140 for the same thing. Lesson learned! You pay a lot for that one hour service and all the advertising. So, shop around.

    As for the frames, there is so much to choose from these days. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a whole wardrobe of them? I went on some of the websites of the frames manufacturers to get an idea of what's out there at various price points. My favourites are Fysh, S.A.L.T. Optics and Prodesign (There are some beautiful frames with fashion designers' names on them, but somehow I think you can spend a lot of extra $$$ just to have a name like Gucci or Chanel on the arms of your glasses.) I also had fun looking at frames on eBay (under the category Health & Beauty ->Vision Care). Of course, you have to try them on, but at least looking online gives you an idea of colours, materials, shapes, etc. In any event, have fun shopping! Those of us who have been through this really deserve to have FABULOUS new frames to make up for all the angst we've been through.

    My cataract has already made an appearance. Apparently, the surgery is VERY easy compared to a vitrectomy. No head positioning! No gas bubbles! I've heard it's usually only 2 or 3 days until one is back to normal. (Again, I found lots of great information online.)

    Once again, thanks for sharing your experiences on this blog. I wish you (and your eyes)all the best!

    Toronto, Canada

  2. Hi Sharon,
    I like the picture you posted of yourself since your eye surgery. You and your eyes are looking good. I hope your vision is improving also. I guess with the cataract it won't be improving too much for a while, but I heard that cataract surgery now days is not all that bad.
    Keep smiling.