Sunday, September 20, 2009

Six Weeks After Surgery:

SO-SO NEWS is all I have at this point. I went to my retina specialist last Monday. I had suspicions that something wasn't quite good enough. I could still see straight lines looking curvy and trouble seeing the middle of words with my Evil Eye. I guess enough of the gas bubble had absorbed so that I could get an idea of what was in store vision-wise. The doctor took an OCT image of the previous macular hole. Good News - yes, it had indeed closed. Bad News - there is an area of a nerve defect (damage?) under where the hole closed. I was in such dismay and confusion that I didn't think to ask questions - which I definitely will when I go back in 6 weeks. Like, "Why the nerve defect?" "Is this a common result?" "Did I do something wrong?" "Do I need another surgery?" I won't know what the visual acuity measures in that eye until I am finished with the retina specialist and he sends me back to my opthamologist.

The Nasty Bubble still lingers on - making me feel like there is a black ball sitting on my cheek. It should be gone by the next time I go to the doctor.

So, all this hasn't made me very jovial. Thus, the blah blog. I thought in the beginning I was going to write an uplifting journey for others that get a macular hole after me. Put this story isn't over yet......?

Don't get me wrong. I am thankful to God for my precious eyesight because I know there are those without the ability to see the beauty of nature and loved ones in their lives. I will just have a little quirky thing about vision with my Evil Eye. Hopefully, the right eye will compensate so it is not a hindrance.

A Macular Hole (above)

How a Macular Hole Should Heal (above)

How My Macular Hole Healed

Notice the black area under the closed hole (arrow) which the doctor said was a nerve defect. I still don't understand.

So the delay of a post on my blog wasn't "No news is good news ."


  1. Hi Sharon,

    I'm glad to have found your blog. I went through a vitrectomy for a retinal detachment on April 23. About 5 weeks later, my surgeon told me I would need another operation for a macular hole. That was a very bad day! The doctor told me that there was only a 50/50 chance the 2nd surgery would work in light of the fact that I had had the previous detachment. I was over the moon the day I was told that the hole had closed. However, now that the bubble is almost gone, I'm dismayed to report that my vision in the affected eye isn't that much improved. I go to see him again tomorrow morning, and what I HOPE to hear is that it's still early days and that I just have to be patient.

    I know I'll probably never again see as well as I did 5 months ago (which is hard - I'm only 46). But I was hoping for better than what I have now. I've worn glasses since childhood because the vision in my left eye is quite poor. Well, my Evil Eye is my RIGHT eye -the one that used to do all the work! grrr...

    What has kept me going is knowing that I'm not alone (that's why I'm glad I found your blog) and that I'm blessed to have such a talented surgeon. I have learned that counting my blessings is the greatest weapon against depression, fear and discouragement.

    I'm so sorry you've had a setback. I've also had the experience of being so shocked and/or upset by what the doctor has told me that I leave with a million unanswered questions that keep me up at night and filled with fear. When I was first told about the macular hole, a dear friend advised me to call the surgeon's office, explain that I had been very upset, and ask if I could speak to him again (either in person or on the phone) ASAP. I'm so glad I did. It would have been torture to have waited another 3 weeks till my next appointment with him. He was kind enough to call me between surgeries a few days later and answer some of those questions.

    Perhaps you can contact your doctor and do the same. Don't afraid to be pushy! 6 weeks is an awfully long time to wait!

    In the mean time, I wish you well and thank you again for sharing your experience.


  2. Hi Sharon,
    I found your blog when I was looking for information about a macular hole. I totally sympathize with what you are going through, because I am facing the prospects of a second such surgery on what used to be my good eye. Three years ago I had surgery on my right eye for a macular hole and now I must get the same surgery on my left eye.
    Since my left eye has gone bad, I can now see that my right eye was more improved than I gave it credit. The surgery was worth it, my vision has gradually improved over time even though there is still a little blind spot in the middle of my vision.
    Hang in there and keep praying and counting your blessings. Life has a way of throwing us a curve now and then (maybe too often), but looking for the good in the midst of the bad does help.