Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 8 After Surgery

THINGS ARE LOOKING UP!: Since I'm now able to look up, everything is looking up! It's still a blurry, hazy, gauzy, annoying view from my left eye. The right eye competes to override it, but cannot do so completely. Thus, I'm still bumping into things. This should get a little better each day, so that is a happy thought. I was thinking of my list of questions to ask the doctor: #1. When can I drive my cute little silver Honda Fit? #2. When can I start using my super black, lash thickening, lash lengthening killer Maybelline mascara? #3. When can I have a margarita? (Sure could use a #3 about now!) I can't think of any more concerns. : )

My poor little Maltese, Lizzie, was brought home to me today. She was boarded while my daughter was out of town, then stayed with my daughter, and cried & whimpered to come back home. She finally made herself sick and spent last night at the vet and cost me $150 to make her feel better. She's happy now, glued to my side on the couch. Funny, we could have won a look-alike contest this past week. What with both of our white bangs all a-flutter from my face-down positioning and her needing to be groomed. She and I both need a makeover. Hmmm....think Kathy Lee and Hoda would be interested?

Anyway, one of my good friends is driving me to the doctor Monday afternoon to get all my questions answered. She is such a good friend, that she said she would also go without makeup to make me feel better. She is SO a good friend! Of course, I took her up on the offer - wouldn't you? Nah, probably not.

Okay, I think I'll go look up the Pickles comic of the day. If you don't foll0w that one, you are missing out!!! That should lift my spirits up even further! (Almost as much as a margarita would!)

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