Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 10 After Surgery

SNAP OUT OF IT! This is my message to myself today. Brave up, Sharon, and take the car for a spin. (I'm dying to drive through Taco Bueno.) Hmm, my daughter suggested maybe I should wait until tomorrow to see what the doctor I'm pouting. I could call it a test run - I wouldn't have to be parking in any narrow parking spaces, would I?

I originally gave this Mary Englebreit magnet to a teacher friend at my school - stuck it on her door frame...and told her to read it whenever she got mad at her precious little evil 2nd graders (now, that's NOT an oxymoron!). So, I'm taking my own advice and going to try to quit thinking that I'm looking at the world through a thick layer of vaseline with my left (evil) eye. I think from now on, I'll just refer to it as The Evil Eye - you'll know which one I mean. Hopefully, it's just temporarily evil!!

Funny thing, while in the office of the retina specialist the day I got my Good News, Bad News - I sat next to a sweet, beautifully-dressed, whisp of a woman named Ruth and we struck up a conversation about our "eyes". She was about the age my mother would be now, if she were alive. She related that she had Macular Degeneration and I related that I had a Macular Hole. She looked at me with the sweetest expression, and said, "Oh, and you have such pretty blue eyes." When she left she looked back, and said, "I will pray for you, Sharon." And then that angel left the office. She let me realize that things could always be worse, and to be thankful for our blessings, even though we don't recognize them as that at first. Now, there's something about her name that reminds me of another Ruth, the one from the Bible....she was also a good person. I know my Ruth is out there, praying for me. And I'm praying for her.

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