Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 12 After Surgery

GREAT NEWS, GREAT NEWS! I got a double-whammy of Great News from the doctor yesterday. I can drive when the gas bubble breaks up enough that I feel confident behind the wheel and if I am cognizant of the fact that my depth perception is temporarily screwed up and that I cannot see anything on my left side. The other Great News is that I can wear eye makeup! How good does it get? Now, if any of you concerned people are worried about driving in the same vicinity as me, let me give you this warning: From 7:30 to 8:00 AM weekdays mornings, beware of erratic silver Honda Fit traveling east from Arlington to Duncanville, and the same going west from 4:00 - 4:30 PM. I wish I could get a bumper sticker that says, "Caution Eye Surgery Patient Driving!" so everyone would get out of my way like we do with those "student driver" signs.

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