Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 24 After Surgery

NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS: I haven't posted in 10 days because there has been expected minimal change in my Evil Eye as I am going through the "waiting for the gas bubble to go away" stage. However, I have gone from seeing a sliver of the world at the top of my eye to now seeing a person standing in front of me from the neck up. A teacher friend was asking me at school last week how the vision was progressing. I looked at her and said, "Well, I can see you from the neck up." And she said, "Well, don't worry that you are seeing double now, because that's just my chin."

So, I am half-way through the period it takes the gas bubble to completely go away. Then, I will go back to the retina specialist and get a vision acuity check to determine how well the surgery went! That will be the true test of this amazing procedure modern medicine has to offer! Well, I'll be seeing you!


  1. Thank-you for all of your updates. I've really appreciated the information. Here's to your continued speedy recovery.

  2. Hope you are doing well. I had MH repair on August 20th (face down six days)and the bubble was gone on day 12. The black floaters started disappearing after the bubble was gone. I have had several stressful events happen after surgery and was not able to get proper rest physically and from stress. Went back to the university doctor this past week and she could still see the hole. I don't know if I reopened it or it's just slow in closing. I was so exhausted I forgot to ask. Have to wait a month to see her again. Anyway vision isn't as good as before, and I see an area of thin cloud like grey (long horizontal floater)at the bottom of my visual line. She said my retina was intact. I've been so worried. I had to let it go today and ahhhhh. It's going to heal the way it's gonna heal at this point. Worrying will only make it worse.